Want to get paid to get creative?
You don't have to be an artist or designer to start your wall art Etsy store!

Introducing the...

Me and many of my students who sell on Etsy
love selling printable Wall Art

It's a popular, always in demand category allowing sales from your laptop without inventory.

The Style & trend-sensitivity of this niche helps new sellers gain traction faster compared to other digital product categories.

Wait, do people actually
buy printable art?

Right? That's what I thought too when I first found out about it but even with competition, there is still a really healthy sales volume

Every week wall art printables make it on to the sales leaderboard

Anyone can get started making wall art and my favourite thing about the niche is there is so much room to build a creative business you love to make products for

Just some of the cool products I made that
sell surprisingly well...

I see a lot of beginners struggle to launch their store, so really wanted to put together the ultimate toolkit to fast track my student's success.

get training, templates, graphics + more
in my complete starter kit

Let me show you exactly how to start
making printable wall art and how to sell it on etsy.

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Complete Wall Art Mini Course

Bite-sized videos help you do this right, right from the beginning! From target audience selection, strategic product research, offer and bundle planning to the A-Z of creation, creating your customer-facing license, and the correct upload on Etsy, all the way to nurturing customers to increase repeat purchases and your customer lifetime value—I'll share all the relevant insights and techniques with you.

Wall Art Shop
Success Roadmap

Everything I share is neatly summarized in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step game plan that keeps you moving forward with clarity and accountability.

Midjourney AI Art Mini Course

108 Clipart Prompts Guide

Art Style Prompt Library

A huge library of over 500 Graphics
You Create Printable Wall Art with to Sell

The wall art niche on Etsy is filled with untapped opportunity

🤩 There has been consistently high demand for wall art on Etsy

🤩 People know that their needs are met on the platform and keep coming back. This means high-quality traffic that you don't need to drive, just direct toward your store with the right products, images, descriptions, and tags.

🤩 The demand for unique and custom-made wall art is rising. Discover different buying personas that love to buy single products as well as packs and come back for more.

 🤩 Instead of shooting in the dark, you can leverage sales data to direct your creative efforts in the right direction, making sure you only create printable wall art that's likely to sell.

🤩 The rise of AI art has injected even more momentum into this niche, offering new styles that appeal to different buyer tastes. Some buyers are drawn to AI art, while others look for handmade pieces. No matter the preference, there's an opportunity waiting for both human and AI artists.

Hot niche products with low competition

What types of wall art
can you make?

Discover Trend Examples

Just a few ideas

Here's what I know about selling digital products on Etsy

Hey there! I'm Jessa, your guide to the fabulous world of printable digital products! I’ve built an AMAZING digital product empire with over 150,000 sales in just 8 years! 🎉 And guess what? I have 18 Etsy stores selling all sorts of lovely things on autopilot!

The best part? I built most of this with a baby on my knee! 👶 If I can do it, you absolutely can too! My journey is proof that with creativity and determination, you can create magical moments for people around the world and make money while doing it!

It’s not just about having fun creating beautiful products everyone loves…

This is such a great way to get started in a low-risk, fun way selling digital products online (it’s free to open an Etsy store, a listing costs $0.20)

You learn to craft, present, list, and sell digital products on Etsy - an invaluable skill that allows you to expand into more stores and eventually even a whole business outside of Etsy, just like I did.

It’s a legit way to make money online, and it not only adds joy to your own life but actually solves a problem others have, and it makes them happy, what’s better than that?

Over time your stores can become increasingly passive. It’s a great way to build something up for yourself while having fun.

The best thing?
You need 0 design skills or prior knowledge to get started.

Don't ignore the writings on the wall

The printable wall art market is booming! Every day there are hundreads of people ordering printable wall art on Etsy. The sooner you start, the sooner you can make people happy AND earn money!

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Get the Printable Wall Art + a vault of training, even more templates & 24/7 access in the Facebook™ community in the success club for coaches. Join over 5600 creators in our inner circle.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee 🛡️

Worried about taking the leap? Don’t be! With our 7-day money-back guarantee, you can try out the kit risk-free! If it’s not for you, no worries, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!


Q: Hey, Jessa! Wall art sounds artsy-fartsy. Do I need to be the next Picasso?

A: Nope! With my guidance, templates, and trendy clipart, you'll be crafting wall-worthy pieces in no time. Stick figures welcome!

Q: When will my wall art start paying my bills?

A: Like, yesterday! Just kidding! But, seriously, you can hit the ground running. The more time and creativity you put in, the faster you'll see those earnings rolling in. Remember, the printable wall art market is always hot, and with my roadmap, you'll be ready to dive right in!

Q: Is the Wall Art Profits Vault a one-time access thing or can I keep coming back to it?

Absolutely! Once you've unlocked the vault, it's yours to revisit anytime. No expiry date on your access!

Q: What’s The Template Creator Society? And how can I join to get the Wall Art Profits Pack for FREE?

A: It's a club for creative spirits! Joining gives you a wealth of resources, tutorials, and a supportive creator community. Plus, the Wall Art Profits Pack is yours for FREE as a bonus!

Q: What if wall art isn’t my thing?

A: No worries! We have a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If it's not your vibe, let us know within 7 days for a full refund.

Q: Where do I sign up to start my wall art journey?

A: Exciting! Just click here and you're on your way to wall art wonderland! Can't wait to see you inside!

Q: Can I manage this with a full schedule?

A: Absolutely! Perfect for side-hustling or nurturing your creative side at your own pace.
The lovely things they say
Ready to get instant access?


Get them free
Get the Printable Wall Art + a vault of training, even more templates & 24/7 access in the Facebook™ community in the success club for coaches. Join over 5600 creators in our inner circle.